Winter 2019 

Family holiday up North to see the sights of the Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast & Bundaberg & YES we did the theme parks..+ Grace learnt to surf

Autumn 2019 

No bad luck black cats this grape harvest only unicorns & rainbows with Grace around! Plus Grace selling snacks at the Tastes of Rutherglen 2019

Summer 2019 

Summer fun on the flamingo and kayaks for Christmas , shop talk … then back to you guessed it school – Grade 2 & 4 this year


late Spring pre Summer 2018 

Grace learning how to service the grape harvester and YES more vineyard work. Hot air balloon ride for me MUM & then Christmas greetings from the kids

late Winter pre Spring 2018 

Family vineyard time – kids earning pocket money by picking up vineyard cuttings & also painting the grafted vines

Book Week 2018 


May 2018  Gee where does time go, Gen 6 growing up so fast xoxo





New family fur babies Rescued from local RSPCA introducing Tiddles, Dusty & CJ

(sadly Dusty RIP 1/11/2018- snake bite)





Tastes of RG 2018 Grace enjoying our food offering “that macaroon lady “& Indigo Gelato





Feb 2018  Our venue on show as part of Love + Light wedding festival , fashion runway show with Grace!



Summer 2018!  ?? how else do you cool off when its 41″C -use a grape picking bin!





Merry Christmas 2017! from the Generation 6!





Springtime 2017!

Conrad learning how to drive days truck & Grace cooling off in a wine tank ( who needs a pool)!




Sponsors at Fox Run Oct 2017!

Doing our part as sponsors at the local school fundraiser-loads of fun!




Birthdays 2017

Generation 6 turned 6 & 8 October 2017-Happy Birthday xo




Conrad’s new toy for Spring!

Conrad learning the trade of plumbing…. pipe work for vineyard irrigation




Book Week 2017

Batman Conrad flew into our bottling room to help with some morning bottling before school




Winter vineyard work with dad 2017

Helping dad pick up cut out vines in the Durif @ Rutherglen is all part of being Generation 6!




School sports day 2017

Go Oxley – Conrad did so well being the fastest member for the relay team & Grace received 2nd in the district for 8 year old girls!




Harvest  2017 has begun


Fermenters to be cleaned out & barrels to be topped ( check out more images in Vintage report)


First day school 2017

First official day of school for 2017 with Grace grade 2 & Conrad Prep



Grace our little ballerina “Riesling” Dec 2016

First time dancing junior ballet and took our the award for best in class 2016 – Ballet & Jazz. Don’t you think she looks like a beautiful drop of Riesling or Chenin Blanc!




 Conrad Kinda Graduation Dec 2016

So proud of our little man, but hopefully he will change his career and follow dads footsteps in the vineyard/winery as he stated he wants to be a motorbike racer when he grows up




School Spring 2016


Grace showing Conrad the way to school. Conrad transitioning well and will be Prep in 2017. What’s mum going to do without her little helper??



 Selfie Time with Gen 6


Recent family shot May 2016 @ Oxley

Family 1MB 

Harvest time 2016


Grace this year received  her junior badge for pump overs as he looked after Gamay & Merlot and assisted with emptying the 6tonne fermenter




 Harvest time 2015 


Harvest time saw  Conrad steer the hand picking crew for the Muscat at Rutherglen and always great quality time for the family spending hours in the tractor talking through CB radios




June 2014


Pruning, Pruning and yes Pruning that is all its about at the moment. the crew are enjoying cold mornings and winter warm sunny afternoons! The kids are having fun while its a novelty picking the cut vine arms into the ute/trailer, not sure how long that will last (mm 2 years?)



April 2014

Gen 6

Harvest time over and Conrad thinks dad needs a new piece of vineyard equipment, loves reviewing the industry catalogues that come in the mail and showing dad (this one this one).





2014 March

This year saw Conrad overseeing the grape receival and crushing of the grapes, he would always hear dads truck coming down the lane loaded with grapes ready for crushing. Grace on the otherhand was busy at 4 year old kinda.

Lots happening in October – Watch out when you ring the cellardoor as Grace may answer the phone.

“Hello John Gehrig Wines speaking” Also she has been practicing her ballet in the cellar door while customers enjoy dads wine.

Grace also informing mum (shop keeper of the cellar door) that she would like to buy some Merlot!


Kids are funny creatures Grace is busy helping on the bottle washer @ bottling or you may even catch her on the labelling machine with Nishy wiping bottles and pressing buttons.

Conrad will assist with tasting as you get into trouble if you don’t cap the bottle, he also is helping blend barrel samples by mixing glass samples (he may even get a small taste when we are not looking)

Photo Gallery Grace & Conrad running the picking crew on tractors saying faster-faster! or hiding in muscat bin.

One quote I will remember from 2013 vintage was grace telling me on top of the open fermenter when plunging the cap of the merlot- not to mash the juicy grapes but squash them gently.

Monday 13th of August while having dinner Grace was talking about Dads juicy grapes and mentioned Pinot Noir, not bad for a girl who is nearly 3!