The future is bright for JGW. Ross at the helm of the business provides new fresh ideas and visions, and builds on what is tried and tested from John and Elizabeth. Ross Gehrig is now the winemaker at John Gehrig Wines, and there has already been a few changes reflecting this. Ross had introduced an “RG “range of wines, these are wines that have won medal in the wine show system, and Ross believes show true varietal character and top quality.

Furthermore to this, the purchase of the Gooramadda vineyard in Rutherglen is one direction JGW will be shaped differently from in the past. The shaley rolling slopes of Gooramadda produces some rich and powerful red and fortified wines that has made the Rutherglen area so famous for. Combine some smart winemaking and lateral thinking; this will lead to some rich but elegant table wines to enjoy- watch this space.

The picture of gen 6 planting another durif vine is where our future lies- quite like the vine, it’ll take time to grow and flourish, have it’s crazy time and eventually might settle down and perhaps add to the dynasty. There’s no pressure on the little ones, evolution will sort that out, just like the current generation…

Our Future
Ross and Conrad
Conrad and Grace