John Gehrig is a fourth generation winemaker who comes from Victoria’s oldest winemaking family, settling in the late 1850’s at Barnawartha in North East Victoria.

John spent sixteen years working on the family estate before a three year exposure to commercial and retail business whilst actively pursuing a vineyard investment.

In 1976 John and Elizabeth purchased twenty acres of land at Oxley on the King River and during that year established their first vines.  The diversity of this pretty countryside with such a range of viticultural microclimates was an encouragement to settle in the King Valley.

Since 1976 John and Elizabeth had realised their ambitions. Sadly John passed away in Dec 2010 & Elizabeth Feb 2011.

Cellar sales commenced in 1981 and fourteen acres are now under vine, producing most of their grape requirements.

Their youngest son Ross,  after finishing his Wine making degree, evolved back into the business in 2001 and started taking a role into the vision that John and Elizabeth had started, plus adding some youth back into John Gehrig Wines.

In 2011 Ross & wife Meghan purchased a 200 acre vineyard in Gooramadda- near Rutherglen. Ironically it is located just down the road from where John grew up and learnt his stripes.

We have in some ways, gone full circle and returned to our heritage birthplace- the future is big, bright and full of potential once again.

John and Elizabeth Gehrig
John Gehrig
Oxley Cellar Door