Meet the John Gehrig Wines team!

Ross Gehrig


When he is not a Winemaker or vineyard manager for down time he loves spending time with an old flame KTM. Playing squash with an 80’s series wooden racket & actually winning! Food of choice is half an animal on a plate with a great glass of wine!

Meghan Gehrig


When she is not selling and promoting this family wine or being a part time assistant winemaker or driving a tractor. She loves spending time with family and friends and favourite hobby is retail therapy! Food choice would be a  dessert buffet. Wine choice that I would take to the moon would be Chenin Blanc.

Grace Gehrig


Just like any little princess loves the colours Pink/Purple. When not learning and helping with the family business, Grace loves watching dvds, playing with her shopkins and hanging out with friends. When asked what is your favourite food Grace answered cucumber.

Conrad Gehrig


Loves riding his bike and spending time with dad around the vineyard in the tractor learning the mechanics of the family business. Colour of choice is Green (maybe for grapes or John Deere). Downtime loves creating items with Lego. When asked what is your favourite food he answered a hot cheese sandwich (roastie toastie)