Our Rutherglen Vineyard is situated East of Rutherglen in Gooramadda it has gentle rising lands up to Mt Ochentyre, which is situated behind our vineyard. The vineyard soils are red loam over shale rocks, this is a site that makes the vines work- the hungry soils aren’t an easy place to grow. Vines that struggle dont over crop much, thus produce more intense fruit that results in strong flavoursome wines

The Gooramadda site is 200 acres ( 80ha) with Cabernet Sauvignon, Durif, Muscat and Shiraz spread across the site. The rolling aspects with small “valleys”within some blocks creates different flavour profiles that provide great versatility in the overall blends- rather than all being uniform taste.

Long hot summers here help produce the wines we’re re-known for,so we try to help our vines out by using appropriate trellising system and balanced irrigation to make their life easier. The vines are irrigated with an up to date watering system, ensuring water is delivered to keep the vines happy, but use the minimal amount possible

Gooramadda is a bit like Texas – “everything is bigger”Long rows, lots of vine rows, big flavours and plenty of grapes to harvest come vintage time. A quick walk around the vineyard here is a good fitness walk or run….. or a place first timers to get lost in a maze of vineyard blocks and headlands.

The Rutherglen area is obviously well known world wide for fortified wines- the delicious sticky aperas, ports and muscats. Add on the reputation of producing some fine red table wines too, the area is a good one to be involved with, from a vineyard perspective as well as wine making roles.