Sparkling is somewhat of a passion here at John Gehrig Wines, we personally enjoy to drink it and we believe there is nothing better than popping a Sparkling with family and friends!

Our Sparklings are all bottle fermented and are now all produced under a crown seal. We found inconsistencies with cork and tainting of our product.  Crown seal is the way we can ensure a premium quality of sparkling is delivered to you.

  • If you’ve never tried a sparkling red, give this one a go. Merlot is a great variety for sparkling red production – medium bodied, soft tannins. Try this chilled with good food & friends. Makes any Christmas turkey with cranberry sauce MORE special!
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    Is is an oldy but a goody – CLASSIC The sparkling is a blend of Chard, Pinot Noir & Meunier Their really is no reason or special occasion needed to have a glass of sparkling wine, why not try this one today.


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